My apologies go out to all my female fans, i am a married man.. Loyally dedicated to my wife, shes had a rough history, but the goal of me and my microphone soldiers is to restore her good name. I know anyone reading this has heard of her, a lil taste of her should even be playing in the background, she is known as music. And for the primitively minded ignoramus' and blockheads whom obviously have been living under a rock for the past couple thousand years.. im sorry, your culture lacking loss is truly a tragedy, but i am proud to have on my arm a god-send that is known, loved and even worshiped by all races, mortal or immortal, the living the dead and the undead. She is the one thing every living thing has in common. And she is mine as i am hers. I am blinded by the truest, purest love so sweet my taste buds is ran away after one taste. Ive felt too much pain from the battling rascaling antiheroes to protect my mass envied sweetheart. My ability to smell has been atomized by the continuous inhalation of toxic gases being expelled from the earth at the deepest darkest detentions of a death-bent destination, this desolate flatland is where my training commences for the greatest of the great verbalists hail from this parallel dimension, entwined in a power struggle exercising their words until they reach the vitality to rip a hole in reality, stepping into sanity. So here i am, blind, numb, tasteless and unable to sense scents, alone, forced to fend for myself. Wandering a path i can not see, screaming into the abyss hoping someone will hear my holler for help.. As i come to realize that the farther i drifted, the more my optimism faded.. Then i begin to hear a distant tempo, i begin to shuffle in the direction of the beat. Suddenly, i am surrounded by a musical invasion, entranced by this beautiful experience i immediately fall in love and dedicate my entire being to the angel surrounded by a bright glowing light visible by even my blind eyes, from now into eternity.. This accidentally acquired angelic addiction became a part of me, attached to the left side of my brain, prominently raising my intellectual potential. Shortly after this new augmentation was applied, i started noticing elevated abilities to hear, feel rhythm, comprehend music, and even see music in my head, every word every instrumental innovation, every note and i was even able to predict what was going to come next in the song even when i never heard it before. The talent to predict the songs next step allowed me to make an improvement before the meritocracy takes place. Honing these abilities over time, they reached what i believed to be a supernatural level, and also attained another extra flair: i could see again! By timing the pauses between bass on a track and the revamped bass returning after contact with any surrounding solid object, moving or inanimate. Over come with hysteria i began devising a plan to use this mastery to help the giver and emender of this wondrous, life-altering adeptness, i hear a musical message elaborating the needed restoration of the pure, unsoiled music near extinction, the majority of this generation has never even heard a hint of the real deal.. Using my magical microphone maintenance, with the disgrace and sympathetic condolences of the way my peers are being raised, i begin my musical mission aimed at its redefinition and rejuvenation. I start to step, standing tall and proud with my notebook in my left hand, pen in my right headphones in my ears nap sack on my back prepared to induce the fight that has been needed but to messy for the government, so they watch with a blind eye.. So shameful.. I cant make it far in this succulent scheme as a lone soul.. Ill need to set up a tactical placement of aspiring vocabulary philosophizing soldiers, widespread, conquering every square inch of the industrial empire. Recruiting new and renewed ill-writing, poets with properly prioritized beliefs, intact with the left cerebral lobe so they continue producing perfection possible to be verbally projected only by the generator so we can prevent the plagiarism of the enemy, the industry, rendering their weaponry damn near useless. I have my battle plan.. now i just need able minded westcoast warriors, if your interested in the induction an enlightening epiphany experienced by the enemy courtesy of us as united searing entrepreneur's.. enlist in the World Musical Defense Army as a musical muse now and invest in my vision of the hip hop revolution. The WMDA needs your courage and mind.
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